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The Chief of Army's History Conference - 10 Nov 2021

By The Cove November 2, 2021

On behalf of the Australian Army History Unit (AAHU), The Cove is please to advertise the biennial Chief of Army History Conference, to be held on Wednesday 10 November 2021.

If you have an interest in Defence Mobilisation this conference is expected to be of particular interest to you. The theme of the 2021 Chief of Army History conference is, 'Contingencies and compromises: mobilising the Australian Army'. Since its beginnings the Australian Army has had to mobilise to meet challenges across the globe. The program, which can be viewed below, brings together panellists from a broad range of backgrounds – commanders, strategic advisers, and military historians – to share their expertise on the challenges of mobilising land forces to meet different security threats. The presentations reinforce that some mobilisation problems are perennial, and that it is better to be armed against repeating these mistakes by learning the lessons from the past. The Conference provides a Professional Military Education opportunity to prepare Army’s people for the challenges they may face in the future, as well as to provide guiding principles from which to approach planning for future operational, administrative or modernisation requirements.

An excellent article on this topic was published recently, and The Cove Team highly recommend you review it before the conference. Sovereign Access - New Conceptions of Old Mobilisation


In order to remain COVID-safe, the option has been taken to host the conference on the Zoom Events platform. To register your attendance, and to get the most up-to-date information on the conference please go to the website:

2021 Chief of Army History Conference - "Contingencies and compromises: mobilising the Australian Army." |

Further information can be obtained by following the “Book Now” link. Please note that the link to the conference will not work from this page if you have accessed it via a DPN computer.

You will need to pre-register to guarantee that you will be able to attend this virtual event. The registration will need to be completed using a registered Zoom account (a free one will suffice). You will need to complete this registration from an unclassified computer or phone as the Zoom platform cannot be accessed on the DPN. You are encouraged to create a Zoom address using your professional emaili address where possible, as a number of tickets have been reserved for defence and related email addresses. You may need to complete the registration of this Zoom account by forwarding the confirmation details to an alternative personal account. You can also register for general attendance from a non-defence related Zoom account you already have in place.

In the week before the conference, you will receive full access to the conference program to guide you through the sessions available, and links to the expanded lectures available from the speakers on the conference themes which will be made available on Army YouTube.

Please contact AAHU if you have any questions regarding the conference on aahu.conference [at]



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