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The Cove | 2020 User Survey

By The Cove May 6, 2020

Technology, and the way humans use it, is constantly changing. Adapting our platforms to reflect this is fundamental to staying relevant.

Since the launch of The Cove in 2016, we have worked to deliver a relevant and functional resource for its audience. A number of improved features, such as the Cove App and the recent addition of the CoveThoughts podcast, is designed to offer a variety of Professional Military Education (PME) options to suit the needs and preferences of our users. Our primary audience are the 45,000 men and women of the Australian Army. We work hard to offer a broad range of article and resources so that there is something relevant for everyone, regardless of rank, trade or Corps, or whether they are in part-time or full-time service.

As a team committed to providing the Army the best PME experience, we are always looking at how to improve. This desire to continuously improve how we support developing our people across the Army, as well as technological advances, means we have decided to upgrade the website and app to Cove 3.0.

To inform this process we want to hear from you - the users - as to how you use The Cove and any features that you would want to see to improve your overall user experience. 

The link below is to a short survey of just ten questions which should take no more than about three minutes for you to complete. Please take the time to complete the survey. Not only will your input will be valued and appreciated, but it will contribute to driving the next upgrade of The Cove and the provision of PME across the Army. The Cove is your website - please take a few minutes to let us know how we can improve it.

Click here to access the survey. 

Thank you for supporting The Cove - The Home of the Australian Profession of Arms.



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There has been some difficulty in posting comments. I believe that (in my case) this might be related to using an old version of a browser. Opening Cove in Google seems to work. It would be good to have some advice and recommendations at the front end of Cove re technical issues by the IT experts. Secondly, is there a protocol for advising those contributors whose comments are not judged suitable for publication, that this is the case (with reasons)?

G'day Bruce, thanks for your valued feedback and continued support of The Cove. Regarding IT support, it's a good point you raise and we will look at creating a Tech Support page during the upgrade. Secondly, it is exceedingly rare that comments are not posted and we endeavour to inform anyone who posts a comment why we have not deemed it suitable for publication. Sometimes it might take a little time to clear a comment, not least because we are a small team and delivering PME across the Army involves more than just The Cove. However, it is important we view each comment before it is posted. This is partly because the vast majority of comments we get are spam from international bots hawking their own websites, blogs or products of dubious nature. To ensure these are not automatically posted we therefore clear all comments. However, as part of our review we will look at how we can do this more effectively. Thanks for your feedback. The Cove Team.

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