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By The Cove March 26, 2021

The COVE App - improving access to PME!

Accessibility to PME is a driving force of everything we do here at The Cove. After all, the most innovative articles in the world are useless in kick-starting change if no-one can read them. Broadening the number of people who can access our articles will increase that contest of ideas which an Army in Motion must rely on if it is to remain relevant in an era of accelerated warfare.

Research over the last two years has shown us that around 65% of all Cove users access the site through their mobile phones. 

The COVE App

The COVE App delivers PME direct to your phone. Its homepage is designed so you can see all the most recent articles at a quick glance while the notification function will let you know when a new article has been posted. COVE App also has a powerful search function so that you can easily find relevant articles, as well as a drop down filter which takes you to the five main channels of Trenchline, Break-In, Command Post, War Room and Unit PME. If you prefer the main website, you can go there by simply tapping the home icon.

The beauty of COVE App is that it provides PME to everyone, everywhere at anytime. On a bus on the way out to the ranges? Then check out the article on the Combat Shooting Battle Lane. Are you a junior leader whose section is waiting for the Q Store to open? Then get your team to read an article and lead a discussion on it. Let's face it - they will all be on their phones anyway. You may as well use the time constructively for collective learning. With the COVE App, the opportunities for enhancing your soldiers' intellectual development and professional understanding are almost limitless.

Available to download now!

COVE App has been developed for both iOS (iphones) and Android. You can download it now from the App Store and Google Play List. Simply search for COVE App and click on the icon.

The team here at The Cove are committed to connecting you with quality PME resources. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions for improvements, please email us at soldiercove [at]



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