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The Cove Future Technologies of War Conference: 23 June 21

By The Cove June 15, 2021

The Cove Team are changing gears and focussing attention towards the second Cove theme for the year – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We are delivering content in concentrated themes throughout the year to align with Army's Professional Learning Clusters and organisational activities. This allows for a breadth and depth of perspectives on a single topic to be presented at once, leading to better connection and appreciation of shared ideas. After closing out on theme 1:  'Knowing yourself and others as a leader' (see here for a 'One Stop Shop' for related content) we are now launching into all things STEM.

After a short notice relocation due to COVID-19 from Melbourne, and in partnership with 6 Brigade, our upcoming conference on 'Future Technologies of War' on 23 June at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera, is an event not to be missed! Take out your diary and lock in your attendance. Be sure to register your attendance using this link to avoid disappointment. Please note registration is only required if you are attending in person. 

We have secured military and civilian experts in the fields of:

  • Futurism
  • Future Land Warfare
  • Legalities and ethics of military technologies
  • Autonomous systems
  • Artificial intelligence and 
  • Military robotics technology.

Our keynote speaker Anders Sörman-Nilsson (LLB / EMBA), is a global futurist and innovation strategist who helps leaders decode trends, decipher ‘what’s next?’ and turns provocative questions into proactive strategies. He will also be involved in a plenary session alongside our own Director General of Future Land Warfare, Brigadier Ian Langford, DSC and Bars to discuss what the Australian Army is going to look like in the next 20 years. 

If the first Cove Conference is anything to go by, we can assure you the quality of presenters and information presented will appeal to a wide audience and you will be glad you came.

If you're a technical officer, WO, or NCO, we encourage you to be part of the conversation and share your ideas. Our call for articles on this theme is located here.

This conference will also be streamed live on CoveTalks and keynote speakers on Facebook Live.

Remember: Registration for the upcoming conference is available now here on our website here! We hope to see you there.  



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