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The Cove - Livestreaming 2021 CA Symposium

By The Cove April 18, 2021

Event Details

The 2021 Chief of Army Symposium (CAS) will be held on 19-20 April. This event brings together 200 senior officers from Army; along with guests from other services, wider government, academia and industry to consult on topics of strategic importance in line with the ‘Army in the Region’ theme. The Chief of Army Singapore, and Chief of Staff from India, Indonesia, and Japan are also earmarked to present alongside the CA in a virtual panel discussion about the region.

The 2021 CAS coincides with the following events and associated topics:

  1. Senior Enlisted Conference: 19 April
  2. Junior Leader Forum: 19 – 20 April
  3. Army Innovation Day ‘Energy and Environmental Resilience’:19 April; Reducing energy consumption and new power technology; and Managing waste.
  4. Army Robotics Exposition; Robotics and Autonomous Systems: 20 April
  5. Quantum Technology Challenge: 20 April; Detection and imaging of subterranean structures and material ; Optimisation of last mile resupply by a squad of autonomous ground vehicles;and Disruption of satellite mediated quantum communications.

Please note, all events are subject to capped numbers and/or invitation lists.

Although your invite might have gotten lost in the mail, don't despair....The entire event is being live streamed here on The Cove website!

Key presentations will also be livestreamed on our Facebook Page (The Cove – Australian Army) to allow personnel to view the activity.

The two day program can be viewed here.

Accessing the live stream event via our website

To view all presentations, click here to link you the livestream page, which will step you through how to view this event. Please note, you will not be able to livestream on the DPN. We recommend streaming on a desktop or laptop computer with a quality Internet connection or on your mobile devices.

Accessing the live stream event via our Facebook page

Our Facebook Page will also live stream the following presentations from the CA Symposium on 19 and 20 April:

19 April 2021

a. 1020 – 1120 (AEST): Chief of Army Opening & Keynote Address

20  April 2021

a. 0925 – 1010 (AEST): Prof John Blaxland – Emerging threats in the Indo Pacific

b. 1045 – 1225 (AEST): Sea, Land, Air and Cyber Domain interconnectedness

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