The Cove presents the 'Break In'

By The Cove July 24, 2017


We are excited to share the #BreakIn with you. This video explains what the Break In is all about, as well as some generic information on how to access and contribute to the Cove.  Check it out now. The Break in will provide a collection of PME resources covering: War, Strategy, Leadership & Ethics, Military History & Organisational Theory, Operational Art, and Tactical & Technical.  You can choose to either follow our intros for a structured approach, or pick the content which is most relevant to you and your team in whatever order you see fit. 

We will build the content of the 'Break In' over time, so if you have contributions for our audience, email us at: soldiercove [at] For Australian Defence Force members with Defence Protected Network access, you can access the Break In resources and reading lists via the Defence Library Service here.



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