The Cove: A Smarter You = A Smarter Army

By The Cove October 28, 2021

The Cove: A Smarter You = A Smarter Army

In serving our nation, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) cannot rely on superior numbers or a technological advantage to defeat the enemy. To win, we must outsmart the enemy. To this end, the Australian Army has created The Cove – an online, professional military education resource for personnel to develop their #IntellectualEdge.

The Cove is designed to be accessible anywhere, anytime, at your convenience. All the hard work of finding interesting and enlightening military related content is done for you, delivered daily through podcasts, videos and written articles to serve all media tastes. Far from a dry treatise, The Cove delivers knowledge and opinions from real people in both military service and related fields – all collected into one convenient resource. Learn from the experience of others within the military sphere and become a smarter, more effective military professional; or even share your own knowledge to help improve others.

Below is an introductory video for new users to The Cove showing what is on offer. This video will be rolled out to all ab initio trainees to start them on their professional military education journey at the beginning of their careers.



The Cove

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bring back nationl service to build up the ADF thats what australia needs

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