Time for the Future Ready Training System

By The Cove March 26, 2020

“It is the Army training system that gives Army the capacity to adapt to Accelerated Warfare. It changes the shape, purpose, scope and size of Army’s teams. At present, it does not do this quickly enough or in ways optimised for how Army’s people learn.”

Army in Motion – Army’s Contribution to Defence Strategy, 29 July 2019.

The Australian Army has developed a Training Transformation Program Strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to provide the direction for the Army and its partners to transform to a ‘future ready’ training system. It sets the conditions to contest ideas, to invest in change, to introduce new concepts and capabilities, to sustain excellence in the system, and to simplify policies, procedures and practice. The strategy features principles and objectives to encourage innovation and flexibility. The Future Ready Training System Campaign Plan, guided by this strategy, provides the key milestones and measures of effectiveness for all objectives.

Click on the following link to a copy of the Training Transformation Program Strategy:


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