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Transforming Australian Army Logistics to Sustain the Joint Land Force

By The Cove March 24, 2019


This paper by Lieutenant Colonel Dave Beaumont discusses the need for the Australian Army to 'address the requirement to transform its logistic processes concepts and capabilities to enable the ADF's Land Force to be capable of accepting future technology and concepts’.

The paper is divided into two parts:

In Part I: A short history of change in logistics Dave explains the the first 'two waves’ of logistics transformation:

  1. The First Wave of transformation commenced with the 1986 Dibb Review and subsequent 1987 White Paper Defence of Australia. In the following 13 years Army aligned to a 'Defence of Australia' approach characterised by structural change, an attitude of logistic austerity and the increase in commercial solutions. This transformation was challenged in 1999 with INTERFET (Op WARDEN).
  2. The Second Wave of transformation responded to the logistics shortfalls identified through the Op WARDEN experience and gained attention at the highest levels of Army. This momentum for change stalled after 9/11, as supporting forces in Iraq and Afghanistan became the priority. Dave explains the transition from Hardened and Network Army and Enhanced Land Force through to Plan Beersheba and the evolution of logistic structure and processes that followed.

Part I concludes with a reflection on the lessons that can be learned from these two waves

In Part II: The problems of the third wave Dave looks at the challenges facing Army's Logistic force into the future. First, understand what change is required, and that it is inevitable and necessary; second, understand the joint and tactical imperative for logistics transformation; third, understand the blue force imperative for change and the methods to adapt logistics for operational effectiveness and efficiency; and fourth, focus force design on adaptability and resilience.

This paper is a 'must read' for all uniformed and civilian logisticians of the Australian Defence Force.




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