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Break In

Cranlana Webinar #1: Ethical Decision Making

The Cove is pleased to share the first recording of the webinar series produced by the CAAL and the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership.

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Unit PME

Quick Military Education (QME)

We have created some Quick Military Education (QME) exercises. Why not give it a try next time you and your team have some spare time on the range, in the field or even in the barracks.

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ICYMI-How do we win the next war?

How do we win the next war? It is argued through developing the Army's intellectual capacity.

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Unit PME

The Highest Honour #14 | Tom Derrick | Mark Donaldson

The actions of Tom Derrick could have seen him win multiple awards for heroism, an absolute hero who, by his actions put Australian Forces on the front foot multiple times, while few words can do justice to Mark Donaldson's journey to becoming one of the few living national heroes.

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War Room

Call for Articles Theme 2: STEM - Future Warfare Technologies

In 2021, The Cove is delivering content in concentrated themes to align with Army's Professional Learning Clusters and broader Army activities. Right now, we're calling for articles on our second theme - Future Warfare Technologies from the STEM learning cluster.

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