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Launch of the new COVE App

The Cove Team are excited to announce the launch of the COVE App - making PME more accessible in 2020.

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Interview with MAJGEN Tim Cross CBE (Ret) on The Changing Character of War

2019 Staff Pick: This post was chosen by the SO1 PME as his favourite article for 2019.

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Character-driven Military Fiction: A Personal Leadership Enabler

2019 Staff Pick: This article was chosen by the A/SO2 PME as his favourite article for 2019.

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Unit PME

5 Brigade CoveTalk | 19 October 2019

On 19 October 2019 the Commander and RSM of the 5th Brigade engaged reserve units within the formation via a live CoveTalk.

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Friends and Partners

The Forge

The Australian Defence Force's online hub for Joint Professional Military Education. Well worth checking out, especially if you want to rise above the tactical into the operational and strategic levels of command and explore PME from a joint and whole-of-government perspective.

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