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Command Post

Can You Still Demonstrate Leadership Whilst in a Staff Appointment?

In this article from 'The Military Leader', James King discusses 12 practical lessons on leadership, regardless of role.

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Senior Soldier Talks: Episode One, Regimental Sergeant Major - Army

In this podcast, Corporal Julia Whitwell the Regimental Sergeant Major – Army, Warrant Officer Grant McFarlane.

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Unit PME

Your Guide to Understanding and Adapting to Different Learning Styles

In this article via Cornerstone University's 'Lifelong Learning Matters' blog, author Brianna Hansen explains how an understanding of learning styles can assist educators develop lessons that cater for different types of learners.

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Break In

Transforming Australian Army Logistics to Sustain the Joint Land Force

In this article via the Australian Army Research Centre, Lieutenant Colonel D. Beaumont discusses the need for the Australian Army to 'address the requirement to transform its logistic processes concepts and capabilities.

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Unit PME

The Major and Sergeant Major Leadership Team (Part VII)

'On Force Preservation' - The final instalment in 3 Brigade's educational program.

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