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Break In

On Military Virtues | The Dead Prussian Podcast

Virtues are different to values. In this podcast from The Dead Prussian, Professor David Whetham talks about the importance of Military Virtues.

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War Room

Women, Peace and Security | The Small Wars Journal

This article from The Small Wars Journal is a must read for anyone interested in the importance of gender and warfare.

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Unit PME

Cove Conference Sydney: Panel Discussion

We are pleased to present the Panel Discussion from the Cove Conference Sydney.

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Unit PME

Reflections From Cove Conference Sydney

The inaugural Cove Conference was held at Victoria Barracks, Sydney on the 30th of May 2019. In this post, we hear from junior leaders from the 16th Aviation Brigade who attended.

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Friends and Partners

The Army Leader

An unofficial home for serving and former soldiers and officers to share their leadership experiences, offer advice and tips, and provide development tools.

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