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This Week in History | Week 41

We are looking back at the Capture of Montbrehain, the commitment of a second Battalion to Korea, UN forces cross the 38th parallel, the battle at Templeton's crossing and the battle of Poelcappelle.

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CDF Engagement with 3 Brigade

The Cove is proud to present the recording of the live streamed engagement event between Chief of the Defence Force, GEN Angus Campbell AO, DSC and members of the 3rd Combat Brigade.

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Link | Promoting Disobedient Thinkers in your Organisation | KEA

In this link from Knowledge Enabled Army (K.E.A.), Dr Welby Ings talks about disobedient thinkers.

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Knowledge Enabled Army

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This Week In History | Week 40

This week we shine the spotlight on the Military Cross awarded to George Wilkins, Ernest Corey winning his fourth Military Medal, the fall of Damascus and the Battle of Maryang-San.

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Break In

Link | Ten questionable assumptions about future war in the Indo-Pacific | AJDSS

Are all the assumptions about future war in the Indo-Pacific even close to the mark?

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