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Future Operating Environment

Australian Land Force's Vulnerability to Drone Warfare

"...the emerging threat hovers over our capability gap, waiting to fill the niche and take advantage of the opportunity we readily present to them." James Harvey paints a vivid and worrisome picture...

By James Harvey

Leadership & Ethics

Leadership in the Malayan campaign

What leadership failures (amongst other battlefield friction) led to the largest capitulation in British military history, resulting in some 90,000 Allied troops, the majority being Australian,...

By James Thewlis

Leadership & Ethics

Centre for Australian Army Leadership | Podcast Series #1 | Brigadier Ian Langford

The Cove is pleased to present the Centre for Australian Army Leadership Podcast Series. To start the series, for a captivating 30 minutes, Brigadier Ian Langford tackles topics that extend our...

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership

Tactical and Technical

The Future of UAS Maintenance

Stephen Wardrop thinks that UAS maintenance may become an issue in the future, so he gives us some possible solutions.

By Stephen Wardrop

Leadership & Ethics

Amor Fati – A Love of Fate – a Reflection of Command in COVID-19

Callum Muntz reflects on the impact COVID-19 had on his 2020.

By Callum Muntz


A New Year.....

Welcome to 2021 from The Cove.

By The Cove

Leadership & Ethics

Leadership Quarterly Edition 2 | Centre for Australian Army Leadership

CAAL's 2nd Edition of the Leadership Quarterly covers off on leadership training by CPL Newham (2RAR), toxic leadership and some recommended reading with a number of book reviews.

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership

Leadership & Ethics

Leadership Behaviour: A ‘Good Human’ approach for effective leadership

'It's not that hard, just start by being a good human!' Gavin Duncan 2016

By Jesse Wood

Tactical and Technical

Looking around: The future of the Army Reserves

Dustin Gold has been working with the District of Columbia National Guard in the US, and he thinks we can learn a few things about how we employ Army Reservists from them.

By Dustin Gold

Tactical and Technical

Light Cavalry in the RAAC: A marriage between regular and reserve

In this Friday 'long read' Eamon Hale takes a look at what adopting light cavalry in the RAAC may bring to the ADF.

By Eamon Hale