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Tactical and Technical

LAND 400 Phase 3: A Case for Review

Background The recent Release for Tender for LAND 400 Phase 3 (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) means industry has until 1 March 2019 to respond with respect to the provision of 400 IFVs, including...

By Bruce Cameron

Leadership & Ethics

Candour in Australian Defence Force Leaders

Do our leaders really want 'frank and fearless' advice? Wes Bartlett outlines how we can do better.

By Wes Bartlett

Tactical and Technical

Control and Conquer

Tips on how to structure and operate a Combat Team command post.

By Christopher Hughes

Tactical and Technical

Bigger Bang for Your Buck – What if the teacher is ‘Not Yet Competent’?

Reflect on the last career course you participated in, and its duration. Mine was seven weeks long.

By Callum Muntz

Leadership & Ethics

A Double-edged Sword? Pinpointing the Roots of Restraint in War

Released in 2018, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) 'Roots of Restraint' report surveyed more than 400 Australian soldiers to try and understand the relationship between fighters...

By Pat Griffiths


Twitter Ambush: An After Action Review

Earlier this week I walked into a Twitter ambush. To be more precise, I stumbled unwittingly into a Twitter ambush of my own making.

By Greg Colton

Break In

Interview with MAJGEN Tim Cross CBE (Ret) on The Changing Character of War

2019 Staff Pick: This post was chosen by the SO1 PME as his favourite article for 2019.

By The Cove


ACSC (A-Z Guide): A Student's Perspective

This unofficial guide to Australian Command and Staff College is an excellent tool for prospective students.

By Kelly Dunne