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Tactical and Technical

Concept of Employment for the WASP SUAS in Mortar Platoons

Andrew Dunn-Lobban makes a compelling case for Mortar Platoon to operate the WASP Small Unmanned Aerial System.

By Andrew Dunn-Lobban

Tactical and Technical

Flexibility and Cooperation on Operations

Dallin Stirling talks to the flexibility of our deployed members, and how important it is to maintain this trait.

By Dallin Stirling


Link | Ten questionable assumptions about future war in the Indo-Pacific | AJDSS

Are all the assumptions about future war in the Indo-Pacific even close to the mark?

By The Cove


Review of Restrepo

An insightful piece by Jack Randall on his deductions from the movie and how they relate to war throughout the ages.

By Jack Randall

Tactical and Technical

Part Time of Your Life

Stjepan Bosnjak reflects on the changing roles of the reserve RAA over the past fifteen years.

By Stjepan Bosnjak

Tactical and Technical

Tactical Spurs Part One: Making Plans to Fight Battles

Former director of the Cove, Tom McDermott give us some insight into what he has learnt about battle planning.

By Tom McDermott

Tactical and Technical

Moving Forward - The Future Of Cavalry Reconnaissance

In this week's 'long read', Edward Howson looks at the past, present and future of Cavalry Reconnaissance.

By Edward Howson

Leadership & Ethics

Reflections on the Foibles of Chaplaincy

Are Chaplains relevant in the Army of today? In this post Army Chaplain Renton McRae uses his experience to give us some views on the role of the Chaplain in the modern Army.

By Renton McRae


Link | Strategic Assessment for Quarter 2 I Australian Army Research Centre

The AARC Quarterly Strategic Assessment highlights key trends and challenges to the Army in order to inform force design, structure and posture decisions.

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

Enhancing Interoperability of the Australian Defence Force Construction Capability

Colin Leggett takes a looks at our current construction capability and asks the question, "Can we be doing things better?"

By Colin Leggett