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Leadership & Ethics

One Hundred Hints for Company Officers

Duncan Foster has found a gem from our past that still holds true today.

By Duncan Foster


Wen bai yupela kam bek gen? – Increasing the ADF’s permanent presence in Papua New Guinea

In this article Phillip Hermes looks at the past efforts of 12 CE Works to articulate the need for the ADF to increase its permanent presence in Papua New Guinea.

By Phillip Hermes

Leadership & Ethics

Leadership Quarterly Edition 1 | Centre for Australian Army Leadership

Check out the first edition of Leadership Quarterly from the Centre for Australian Army Leadership.

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership


Link | Canadian Armed Forces: A New Vision for the Reserves | Canadian Military Journal

Over the past few months we have had some good discussion about the future and role of the Army reserve, this article is from the Canadian Armed Forces point of view.

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

The Emergence of Combined Technologies: Establishment of a Combat Tracking Unit

Is it time for the Australian Army to have a tracking unit? David Berrill has looked at past Post Operational Reports (POR) and he thinks that the evidence is there to more than justify a dedicated...

By David Berrill

Tactical and Technical

Anti-Armour in the Armoured Infantry Battalions: time to focus on what we need DFSW Platoons to do on the battlefield - killing tanks

Training Transformation is all about looking at better ways to train; Braden Holmes thinks we can train our Direct Fire Support Weapons (DFSW) platoon members differently.

By Braden Holmes

Tactical and Technical

Concept of Employment for the WASP SUAS in Mortar Platoons

Andrew Dunn-Lobban makes a compelling case for Mortar Platoon to operate the WASP Small Unmanned Aerial System.

By Andrew Dunn-Lobban

Tactical and Technical

Flexibility and Cooperation on Operations

Dallin Stirling talks to the flexibility of our deployed members, and how important it is to maintain this trait.

By Dallin Stirling


Link | Ten questionable assumptions about future war in the Indo-Pacific | AJDSS

Are all the assumptions about future war in the Indo-Pacific even close to the mark?

By The Cove


Review of Restrepo

An insightful piece by Jack Randall on his deductions from the movie and how they relate to war throughout the ages.

By Jack Randall