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Leadership & Ethics

How to Avoid Unintentionally Humiliating Your Subordinates

This lesson in leadership shared by Captain Joel Martinez via The Military Leader explains how a simple failure to clarify his intent regarding a new unit policy, left a small group of individuals...

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Tactical and Technical

Finding Time for Professional Reading

Listening to audio books as an alternate to physically reading is occasionally frowned upon by the academically elite, however this article by Nicholas Simontis via The Military Leader, explains the...

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Does Army Culture Hinder our Ability to Produce Strategic Minds?

This article by Gregory D. Foster via the United States Air Education and Training Command Air University argues that strategic thinkers must be broadly educated, not narrowly trained.

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Professional Development: a Perspective from the Ranks

In this article, Karl Boeck argues that Officers and Other Ranks develop in different Ways.

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War Room

Eliot Cohen talks Strategic Deterrence

In this video, via the Modern War Institute, reknowned US strategist Eliot Cohen discusses strategic deterrence and the future of war.

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War Room

SIED Attack on Armour in Mosul

A link showing a suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device targetting Iraqi armour in Mosul, Iraq.

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The Cove Charter and Disclaimer

The Cove is a professional development resource for the Australian Profession of Arms.

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The Modern Strategists on Clausewitz

This Podcast released by the BBC in 2012, Melvyn Bragg, Saul David, Sir Hew Strachan and Beatrice Heuser discuss 'On War: a Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Warfare' written by the Prussian...

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