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War Room

Accelerated Warfare, Presented by Brigadier Ian Langford, DSC and Bars

Here is the latest from the Australian Army Research Centre Seminar Series:

By The Cove

Leadership & Ethics

Reflections on Battalion Command

Nathan Pierpoint reflects on his time in command.

By Nathan Pierpoint

Unit PME

Australian Army Journal: the Army in Motion Edition

The Australian Army is an Army in Motion and The Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar 2018 last September showcased just how ‘Ready No

By The Cove

Command Post

Interview with Jim Storr, author of The Hall of Mirrors: War and Warfare in the Twentieth Century

In this occasional podcast, The Cove talks to author Jim Storr about his new book, The Hall of Mirrors: War and Warfare in the Twentieth Century.

By The Cove

Unit PME

The case against essays as Professional Military Education

Over the coming month, many Australian Army units will be planning their Professional Military Education (PME) program for 2019.

By Chris Hall


Gaining and maintaining mutual trust and shared understanding: 7-daily actions in our workplaces

Mission command, the practice of assigning a subordinate commander a mission without specifying how the mission is achieved, is a commonly accepted principle in many western militaries.

By Chris Field