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Leadership & Ethics

Reflections on the Foibles of Chaplaincy

Are Chaplains relevant in the Army of today? In this post Army Chaplain Renton McRae uses his experience to give us some views on the role of the Chaplain in the modern Army.

By Renton McRae


Link | Strategic Assessment for Quarter 2 I Australian Army Research Centre

The AARC Quarterly Strategic Assessment highlights key trends and challenges to the Army in order to inform force design, structure and posture decisions.

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

Enhancing Interoperability of the Australian Defence Force Construction Capability

Colin Leggett takes a looks at our current construction capability and asks the question, "Can we be doing things better?"

By Colin Leggett

Leadership & Ethics

Ethics Need a Foundation

'Value judgments are an essential and undeniable feature of human life.' Dan thinks we need to work harder to build our ethical foundation. What do you think?

By Chaplain Dan

Leadership & Ethics

Opportunistic Engagement with the Military Wives Group in Papua New Guinea

Australian Army nurse Tecla Makoni reports on her experiences engaging with the Military Wives Group at Igam Barracks, Papua New Guinea during Exercise Puk Puk 2019.

By Tecla Makoni

Tactical and Technical

The Jungle Book – A Logistics Perspective

Iain Carnegie, a seasoned Jungle warfare instructor, responds to Nick Korfias’s recent article published on the Cove “The Jungle Book” and examines the topic of logistics in the jungle.

By Iain Carnegie

Tactical and Technical

Professional Development for Junior Combat Leaders

In this article, COL Dave McCammon suggests that rather than waiting to learn through your own experience, you can grow through reading and learning from other's experiences. He shares a number of...

By Dave McCammon


Taking the initiative in battle

Beau Hodge thinks it is time for us to have a professional discussion about 'initiative', including what it truly means on the battlefield and how we can train to gain it.

By Beau Hodge

Tactical and Technical

Readiness Posture: “Move now, out” | Grounded Curiosity

Do we really understand the implications of being on a 'notice to move'? Another top quality article from Grounded Curiosity.

By The Cove