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Leadership & Ethics

On Military Virtues | The Dead Prussian Podcast

Virtues are different to values. In this podcast from The Dead Prussian, Professor David Whetham talks about the importance of Military Virtues.

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

Slow down! Some analysis and recommendations on improving G Wagon driver safety in Army

Forces Command’s Incident Manager, LTCOL Brendan Robinson, has an important message on G Wagon safety as we ramp up to the Joint Warfare Series.

By Brendan Robinson

Tactical and Technical

Effects–Centric Warfare: Across the spectrum of conflict

Jason Selman draws on his experiences working with the US Army's 7th Infantry Division during Joint Warfighting Assessment 2019 to write on Effects-Centric Warfare.

By Jason Selman


The Abbreviated Evolution of Combined Arms

James Heap takes us on a quick and informative history lesson about the evolution of combined arms.

By James Heap


The Art of Decision–Making by Joshua Rothman | The New Yorker

In this link, first posted on The New Yorker, Joshua Rothman talks about the Art of Decision Making. 

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

Combat Behaviours

Combat Behaviours, a new Army initiative, seeks to sharpen your Combat Mindset and engrain your individual Combat Skillset.

By Training Systems Branch

Command Post

Over to you Convoy Commander

Your unit has decided it’s going to use the training range on the other side of the country for your next exercise.

By Michael van Zuylen

Unit PME

iRest Workshop

In April we conducted a special CoveTalk featuring Dr Richard Miller who presented his iRest Workshop at Legacy Chambers in Sydney.

By The Cove


Defence Diplomacy and Enhancing the Army’s Language Capability: A More Focused Approach

2019 Staff Pick: This article was chosen by SO1 Education as his favourite article for 2019.

By Henry Dudley-Warde