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Tactical and Technical

Signature Management in Accelerated Warfare | Close Combat in the 21st Century

Do we have an advantage over our adversaries when it comes to tactical signature management? Dan Skinner explores what we could be doing better.

By Dan Skinner

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Why We Write

Everyone in the profession of arms has something they can give back. As L. Burton Brender explains in this Small Wars Journal article, all they have to do is sit down and start writing.

By L. Burton Brender

Leadership & Ethics

Learning from our Mistakes: Tolerating Failure versus Allowing Failure

How do we empower our people to learn from their mistakes? In this article, Darren Murch looks at value of allowing failure to create learning outcomes.

By Darren Murch OAM

Operational Art

Time for a new approach to war? A case for adopting the Kill Chain concept.

Environmental, operational and conceptual considerations emerging from acceptance and analysis of accelerated warfare point to the need to shift to a targeting frame of reference from a manoeuvre one...

By Thomas Basan

Leadership & Ethics

Connecting Good Soldiering and Mission Command

In this post, MAJGEN Chris Field connects Good Soldiering and mission command with the daily purpose, habits, thinking and actions of our people as they operate in teams as partners, followers and...

By Chris Field

Leadership & Ethics

#ICYMI - Are you an Actively Supporting Supervisor?

Lyndsay Freeman provides advice to ADF Supervisors on how to actively support their members serving on Flexible Work Arrangements as well as those with families and other dependants - advice that she...

By Lyndsay Freeman


Preparing the Combatant of the 21st Century

Under the guidance of Accelerated Warfare, the Combined Arms Training Centre have re-examined the way Army delivers Initial Employment Training for Army's combatants. This article explains the...

By John Spencer


Chief of Army CoveTalk | Army's Contribution to Defence Strategy - 17 Oct 19

The Chief of Army's CoveTalk held on 17 Oct 19, talking on Army's Contribution to the Defence Strategy.

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

Inculcating Vehicle Husbandry within a Motorised Battalion

With the motorisation/mechanisation of six of the seven RAR battalions, vehicle maintenance conducted by the infantry soldier has become prevalent. This article examines the correlation between...

By Samuel Gardner

Leadership & Ethics

Report: Unlocking Soldier Morale - A Leadership Challenge in an Infantry Company

This honest and reflective report by Mick Young on morale in his Infantry Company is a must read for all leaders, regardless of their rank or Corps.

By Mick Young