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Operational Art

The future ain’t what it used to be | The Interpreter

This week's link on the difficulties of future planning is from The Interpreter, the website of the Lowy Institute - an independent, non-partisan think-tank based in Sydney.

By The Cove

Leadership & Ethics

Leadership lessons observed by a contemporary role model - General Peter Cosgrove AK, MC

"Good communication skills and empathy is essential for any leader who wishes to understand their subordinates." In today's long read, Matt Ryan examines the life of GEN Peter Cosgrove AK, MC to see...

By Matt Ryan


‘Pulling forward the future’ | Welcome to a new look Land Power Forum for 2020

The Australian Army Research Centre (AARC) has launched a new website and improved the Land Power Forum. Check it out!

By David Beaumont

Operational Art

The Thinking Combat Brigade: A Dominant and Prestigious Force

In today's article, Callum Muntz asks what if the frames of reference we all possess - imposed on us from our similar training, experiences, and culture - could be hindering our ability to make the...

By Callum Muntz


Link | Logistics Interoperability, Deterrence and Resilience – Why Working as Allies Matters Now More Than Ever

Today's link from Logistics In War explores how logistics interoperability provides resilience and responsiveness.

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

Signature Management in Accelerated Warfare | Close Combat in the 21st Century

Do we have an advantage over our adversaries when it comes to tactical signature management? Dan Skinner explores what we could be doing better.

By Dan Skinner

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Why We Write

Everyone in the profession of arms has something they can give back. As L. Burton Brender explains in this Small Wars Journal article, all they have to do is sit down and start writing.

By L. Burton Brender

Leadership & Ethics

Learning from our Mistakes: Tolerating Failure versus Allowing Failure

How do we empower our people to learn from their mistakes? In this article, Darren Murch looks at value of allowing failure to create learning outcomes.

By Darren Murch OAM

Operational Art

Time for a new approach to war? A case for adopting the Kill Chain concept.

Environmental, operational and conceptual considerations emerging from acceptance and analysis of accelerated warfare point to the need to shift to a targeting frame of reference from a manoeuvre one...

By Thomas Basan

Leadership & Ethics

Connecting Good Soldiering and Mission Command

In this post, MAJGEN Chris Field connects Good Soldiering and mission command with the daily purpose, habits, thinking and actions of our people as they operate in teams as partners, followers and...

By Chris Field