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War Room

Our Eye in the Sky: Integrating E-7A Wedgetail and the Combat Brigade

“Defend from Above” – 42 Wing mottoIntroduction

By Pietro Ruggeri

Tactical and Technical

Tactical Art in Future Wars via War on the Rocks

"The flurry of self-congratulatory prose emerging from multi-domain warfare literature tod

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

Army Strength and Conditioning: Program Design Considerations for the Combat Athlete

This article seeks to highlight the considerations that need to be made when programming for combat athletes

By Robbie Dunlop

Unit PME

Book Review – Zeno and the Tortoise: How to Think Like a Philosopher

Zeno, the Tortoise and the Generals: How Western philosophy empowers modern military professionals

By Brenton Realph

Unit PME

The Role of Assessment and Its Potential within a Military Training Establishment

...the developments of the strategic environment and technology demand a more focussed monitoring of trends in education and training, and an accompanying approach t

By Paul Sylvester

Tactical and Technical

The Anti-Armour Capability Gap

According to the 2017 Concept for Employment of Army’s Combat Brigade,

By Justin Petersen

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Five Reflections on Building a Mission Command Culture – Part 2

Mission command is more than just the British and US Armys’ philosophy of command – it’s more or less the NATO philosophy of command.

By The Cove