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Chief of Army CoveTalk | Army's Contribution to Defence Strategy - 17 Oct 19

The Chief of Army's CoveTalk held on 17 Oct 19, talking on Army's Contribution to the Defence Strategy.

By The Cove

Tactical and Technical

Inculcating Vehicle Husbandry within a Motorised Battalion

With the motorisation/mechanisation of six of the seven RAR battalions, vehicle maintenance conducted by the infantry soldier has become prevalent. This article examines the correlation between...

By Samuel Gardner

Leadership & Ethics

Report: Unlocking Soldier Morale - A Leadership Challenge in an Infantry Company

This honest and reflective report by Mick Young on morale in his Infantry Company is a must read for all leaders, regardless of their rank or Corps.

By Mick Young

Operational Art

Kiwi PME: The New Zealand's Land Warfare Symposium

Ryan Kelly passes on some of the insights he recently received at the New Zealand Defence Force's Land Warfare Symposium.

By Ryan Kelly

Operational Art

Our Joint Task Force: Ready for the future

This article discusses the evolution of the Joint Task Force on Exercise Talisman Sabre, which it examines through the lenses of Accelerated Warfare and the US Army’s Multi-Domain Operations...

By David Caligari

Operational Art

Strength in Numbers? Mass and Precision | The Warrant Officer

Today's link from the UK's Warrant Officer Blog examines the concepts of Mass and Precision. A good short read.

By The Cove

Operational Art

Human Performance Optimisation in the Army

Gavin Sonsee provides an overview of what the Army is working on in the Human Performance space, including the physical, cognitive and socio-cultural understanding.

By Gavin Sonsee

Tactical and Technical

The Land Based Trauma System

On Ex TALISMAN SABRE 2019, the 1st Combat Service Support Battalion and elements of the 17th Brigade conducted a live walk-through talk-through of the Land Based Trauma System.

By Kane Wright

Tactical and Technical

Military Data Analytics: ‘It is the question that drives us’, or at least it should be

David Lynch and Richard Armitage explore how data analytics, regardless of vehicle type, can inform commanders on where they might be carrying risk to assist in them applying appropriate levels of...

By David Lynch

Operational Art

Reflecting on Part-Time Sub-Unit Command

This post from Aaron Jackson highlights observations he made during the first eighteen months as a sub-unit commander in the Australian Army Reserve. The article is intended to assist future part...

By Aaron P. Jackson