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Tactical and Technical

Army's BMS Mess

In this article, Damien de Pyle argues that Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 has shown that BMS is in need of some significant changes if the Army is to hit its digitalisation goals.

By Damien de Pyle

Staff Functions

Effects Based Tactics – Layering Effects at the Formation Level

The use of Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) enemy on Ex Talisman Sabre 19 changed the way planning was done at the formation level, as Richard Thapthimthong explains in this article.

By Richard Thapthimthong

Tactical and Technical

Plan KOTINOS: A Way Forward

Chris Sylvia has concerns about the current structure of the PTI trade. In this article he outlines how it can be improved.

By Christopher Sylvia

Leadership & Ethics

My Spectrum of Discomfort: A Personal Perspective on a Sense of Belonging

2019 Staff Pick: This article was chosen by the Director of Army Education as her favourite article for 2019.

By Nick Wilson

Leadership & Ethics

On Personal and Professional Potential

After examining the Chief of Army's three key documents, the Commander of Forces Command gives us three ideas on how leaders can enable Army's personnel to reach their personal and professional...

By Chris Field

Tactical and Technical

Weak and Unreadable: Suggestions for the Army's Comms Problem

Lance Corporal Kristian Wynn leads the way with the first entry for the TS19 Writing Competition.

By Kristian Wynn

The Vanguard: Lessons Learnt by a Combat Team Commander during Mechanisation

This year marked another turning point in the storied history of ‘Old Faithful’ as it took its first steps towards becoming a mechanised infantry battalion under Plan KEOGH. In this week's long read...

By Christian Johnston

The M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carrier now forms part of the 3 RAR ORBAT.

Tactical and Technical

The Battle Field Clearance Team

Experienced Company Sergeant Major Jason Jackson outlines some of the lessons learnt by Bravo Company 1 RAR while they were training to be the Battlefield Clearance Team.

By Jason Jackson

Leadership & Ethics

Own Your Enterprise

'Having a meaningful impact that promotes service of others before self, being a life-long learner and improving the organisation requires more than adherence to organisational standards and...

By Darren Murch OAM

Leadership & Ethics

Examination of the detainees’ status and argument for revisiting Geneva Conventions.

Is it time to review the Geneva Conventions when it comes to the treatment and handling of detainees?

By Cameron Niven