CA Symposium : 19-20 April 2021

The Cove is proud to host the Chief of Army Symposium 2021.

On this page you will be able to view live the presentations delivered as part of the CA Symposium 2021. 

A program can be viewed here

In order to view the live stream, below are some instructions to assist ensuring you have a clear and audible experience. 

Also please note sections of the CA Symposium will also be live streamed through The Cove's Facebook page


Step 1: Equipment.  You will need some simple civilian IT equipment: a laptop, desktop computer or mobile device with a good quality Internet connection. If you are presenting to a large audience, you will also need a projector or screen and speakers. Unfortunately, the streaming platform is not available on the DPN.

Step 2: Test your connection and audio-visual setup during the Test Stream

We will run a Test Stream for 45 minutes on 19 April 2021 from 0800h AEST, to allow both you and us to test equipment and connections. 

During the test stream you should see a test pattern and text animated on screen with music playing. 

If you’re having technical problems:

  1. refresh the page,
  2. close your web browser and try again,
  3. try another web browser (Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox).
  4. restart your computer, or
  5. try another computer.

Good luck and enjoy the presentations.