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A Staff Officer’s Guide to Surviving (Another) Lockdown

Nathan Pierpoint provides five pointers on how to deal with lockdown while maintaining productivity and sanity.

By Nathan Pierpoint

Planning and Liaison

Australia’s defence and national security: how Defence is enhancing Australia’s cyber resilience

In this article from our friends and partners at the Royal United Services Institute NSW, MAJGEN Coyle provides us some information on how Defence is enhancing Australia’s cyber resilience.

By Major General Susan Coyle, CSC, DSM

Staff Skills

Reflective Practice - One Stop Shop

The Cove has a series of tools to help you become a reflective practitioner. Here they are on one page.

By The Cove

Staff Functions

The Regimental Sergeant Major in Planning

This article lays out one way in which a Regimental Sergeant Major may contribute effectively in aiding their commander during the planning process by utilising the advantages of their role.

By Brad Doyle

Staff Functions

Reservists aren’t part-timers – Why the TWS fails to generate a Future Ready Workforce

This article argues that reservists are not truly part-time and outlines problems this may cause for Army, along with some suggested solutions and a call for more research into the options.

By James Price

Staff Functions

Tactical Spurs Part 2: Finding the Reward in Risk

Army Risk Management theory has the tools to exploit tactical risk, but this article argues Army does not use them as effectively as it could.

By Tom McDermott

Staff Functions

The Army's Organisational Structure and its Effects on Leadership Roles

This article discusses how, while it does not necessarily need to change, the Army's organisation structure should be more subject to review.

By Jeremy Rees

Staff Functions

Key Leader Engagement

This article explores how the principles of Key Leader Engagement should be applied internally to increase efficiency and accuracy of information flow within Defence.

By Daniel Brauman

Staff Skills

Mental Health First Aid: Self-Mandatory Training

Just as everyone is encouraged to undertake First Aid, this article makes the case that everyone should be encouraged to undertake Mental Health First Aid to help understand the nature of mental...

By Darren Cronshaw

Staff Skills

Upside-Down Man of Performance Appraisal Reporting

Another great tip for PAR mid-terms! Let Colonel Mal Brick introduce you to the Upside-Down Man of PAR Writing.

By The Cove