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The Four Cs: Multi-National and Multi-Agency Intelligence in a COVID-19 Environment

Chris Field shares best practise ideas for multi-national and multi-agency intelligence operations in a COVID-19 environment enabling the four Cs.

By Chris Field

Planning and Liaison

Australia’s strategic partnership with PNG – Effective mentoring to promote regional security

The mentor doesn't always know best! The importance of time in fostering deep community connections with our PNG partners.

By Matthew Mandl

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War College Diaries: An unofficial guide to ACSC

Selected for Staff College in 2022? This is an article you don't want to miss.

By The Cove

Planning and Liaison

Ways Matrix- Decisive Event Planning: Part 2

The mystery of creating Decisive Events revealed. A must read for all junior officers. This article is Part Two in the series explaining how to use the Ways Matrix.

By Callum Muntz

Planning and Liaison

Ways Matrix Decisive Event Planning: Part 1- Defeat Mechanisms

The mystery of creating Decisive Events revealed. This article explains Defeat Mechanisms in accessible terms as a precursor to Using the Ways Matrix. A must read two-part article for all junior...

By Callum Muntz

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Managing our People through the Capability Life Cycle

In this article Robert Gibson argues that our greatest capability, our people, needs to be managed through the capability life cycle as a ‘cradle to grave’ system akin to how we manage other...

By Robert Gibson

Staff Skills

Reflections of a Sergeant

The promotion from Corporal to Sergeant can feel like a daunting experience. In this article Aaron Thomas offers some advice for new Sergeants based on his experience.

By Aaron Thomas

Staff Skills

Effective Communication

In Army we understand the importance of effective communication, or do we? In this article Kyle Myers argues that we may not be effectively communicating.

By Kyle Myers

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Building a Continuity Plan into a CP During OP COVID-19 ASSIST

Marius Basanovic has an interesting Command Post (CP) quandary for us.

By Marius Basanovic

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Reducing Injury Risk – Defence Needs to go Back to the Basics

Army and Defence does not have an injury surveillance system. Emma Williams outlines a way forward, working toward an injury surveillance system so that we can have better understanding of whether we...

By Emma Williams