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Writing Competition | Using Data to Simplify Army Processes and Regain Time for Training

In this Writing Competition 2020 article David Lotzof gives some insight to Project Horus. Horus provides dashboards and toolkits for the management of trainees within the Army Reserve.

By David Lotzof

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The disappearance of the military identity in the corporatisation of ADF women

Is the introduction of the new poly uniform dress a step too far in ADF's policy of equal treatment for women?

By Cate Carter

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The principles of logistics during Operation Bushfire Assist 2020

This is a good set of lessons learnt from Matthew Mandl, QM 3CER, who deployed as S4 TG Dingo – Jan-Feb 2020 on Bush Fire Assist.

By Matthew Mandl

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Writing Competition | Gambling on Our Future Happiness

Finding the right house when you post is very important, as Mark Mankowski points out in this Writing Competition article.

By Mark Mankowski

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Senior Captain? 10 Reasons why you should apply for UNTSO

In this article, Nicholas Barber provides 10 reasons why he thinks a senior Captain should apply for UNTSO, based on his experience as a UN Military Observer in South Lebanon.

By Nicholas Barber

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A new ERP is just the first step…

Clare Buttenshaw writes how the new Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) will streamline admin; however, she also believes it may be an opportunity to change how we use IT in Army.

By Clare Buttenshaw

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The Direct Route to Simplified Administration

Are we still doing paperwork for the sake of it?

By Todd Snowden

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How might we be doing safety differently in Army?

October is National Safety Month, so the team at Army Safety in AHQ want to know from you, "How can Army do safety differently?"

By Craig Bickell, CSM

Planning and Liaison

The Practice of a Military Liaison Officer

Ben McLennan is the inaugural Australian Army liaison officer to the French Army, in this article Ben gives us some tips based on his experiences.

By Ben McLennan

Planning and Liaison

Preparing our Stockholding to be Ready in a Post COVID-19 World

Much of the Army's focus is on combat preparedness, but who is thinking about whether our stockholding strategy is adequate to meet our short notice deployment needs?

By Robert Gibson