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Planning and Liaison

Five Ideas: On Planning

A planning team can seize, or lose, the initiative in a moment so getting it right is important. Insights on planning from MAJGEN Chris Field.

By Chris Field

Staff Skills

The Science of Operations Analysis

DSTG supported Hamel 2018 to show how to make decisions based on what you know is true

By Jack Gregg

Staff Functions

Ex HAMEL 18 Writing Competition, Highly Commended: Learning from HAMEL 18 - 10 Observations for Formation C2

Being able to participate in Ex HAMEL 2018 as part of Headquarters 7th Combat Brigade (HQ 7th CBT BDE) was an opportunity to see the best of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) on display both at th

By Richard Thapthimthong

Staff Functions

A LEAN Approach to EMEOPS

In this paper by Sergeant Andrew Gorine, he explains the EMEOPs processes followed at 9th Force Support Battalion so other units can review and assess if they want to implement similar practices...

By Andrew Gorine

Quantum Command Posts: Tactical Decision at Machine Speed

This article by Lieutenant Colonel Greg Rowlands explores how the function and form of tactical command post will evolve in an age of artificial intelligence

By Greg Rowlands

Staff Skills

A Knowledge Management Crisis for Capability Development

In this opinion article, David Walker describes the impact of recent information management and organisational reforms within Defence's capability development sector.

By David Walker

Staff Skills

Tips for Staff Working in a Formation HQ - A SNCO and WO Perspective - Part 2

In this article Sergeant Daniel Trew and Sergeant Zachary Williams offer tips and advice based on their experiences as Staff within Headquarters 3 Brigade

By Zachary Williams & Daniel Trew

Staff Skills

Some NCO Advice to New Majors

In this article 'from the Green Notebook, Command Sergeant Major Samuel C. Rapp and Sergeant First Class Harlan D. Kefalas offer advice on employing NCOs within a headquarters.

By The Cove

Staff Functions

What is Virtual War?

In this podcast from 'The Modern War Institute retired US Army Colonel Steve Banach discusses the notion of 'virtual war'.

By The Cove

Planning and Liaison

Terrain Model Construction

In this article, David Chichetti explains the step-by-step process for constructing a mud model.

By The Cove