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The Failure of ‘Course of Action’ Analysis in Joint War-fighting

This article contends that predicting adversary behaviour through course of action analysis creates a false perception of certainty for a commander. A more effective approach is to use 'expectations...

By Dougal Robertson

Staff Functions

"Where the bloody hell are you?" The problem with our current pers tracking systems

How should we be tracking our troops on the ground? Matthew Crighton examines where we are falling short on personnel tracking systems and what we could do to improve them.

By Matthew Crighton

Staff Functions

Other Ranks' Performance Appraisal: Yet to evolve

This article examines the ability of our Other Ranks' performance appraisal system to deliver the talent that the Army needs in an Accelerated Warfare future.

By Ben Taylor

Staff Functions

Effects Based Tactics – Layering Effects at the Formation Level

The use of Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) enemy on Ex Talisman Sabre 19 changed the way planning was done at the formation level, as Richard Thapthimthong explains in this article.

By Richard Thapthimthong

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Over to you Convoy Commander

Your unit has decided it’s going to use the training range on the other side of the country for your next exercise.

By Michael van Zuylen

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Writing your PAC Statement – A Warrant Officer’s Perspective

“Your PAC Statement is the most intently read item of your dossier. It is your personal voice” – CMA

By Jai Wright

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Operations Sergeant: The Job, The Myth, The Legend

This article will cover the Operations Sergeant (OPS SGT) role within a battlegroup preparing to take on the responsibility of the Ready Battle Group (RBG).

By Nick Korfias

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Interview with Jim Storr, author of The Hall of Mirrors: War and Warfare in the Twentieth Century

In this occasional podcast, The Cove talks to author Jim Storr about his new book, The Hall of Mirrors: War and Warfare in the Twentieth Century.

By The Cove

Planning and Liaison

DFSS Signals Planning Process

A must see video from the Defence Force School of Signals that explains how signals planning coincides with operational plans.

By The Cove