Training Mental Toughness - The Future of Mental Welfare

Mental toughness is often used as a buzzword in the Army, but what does it actually mean and how does it work? Damien de Pyle explores these questions from an informed perspective and provides some...

By Damien de Pyle


Starting the conversation

In this article, our author explores the lasting impact of a traumatic event and their struggle to acknowledge its full extent. They look at some of the reasons why it can be difficult for those in...

By The Cove


Understanding the Wellness Journey: A Snakes & Ladders Approach

In this article Deb Herring explores a new approach to understanding wellness in the ADF.

By Deb Herring


Moral Injury: Understanding the moral component of fighting power

Land Warfare Doctrine 1 The Fundamentals of Land Power is very clear - the Australian Army generates

By Emily Chapman & Stephen Mullens


Human Performance: What the ADF Can Learn from Operating in Extreme Environments

Training in difficult environments provides critical learning and development opportunities.

By Emily Chapman


There is Nothing New Under the Sun

Check out this article about 1 RAR's Advanced Operational Conditioning Program.

By Callum Muntz

Cove Talks

Strength & Conditioning Panel Discussion

The September 2018 CoveTalk features a panel experts live from the Australian Institute of Sport.

By The Cove


Wellness of our Leaders

How can leaders enable, support and care for each other while enhancing organisational fighting power?

By Chris Field


Fostering a Culture of Post-traumatic Growth

Do we need to think more about psychological preparation for operations?

By Chris Johnson