Contemporary Operating Environment

Contemporary Operating Environment

Does the Australian Army need Multi-Domain Operations?

In this article, Mark Mankowski argues that the Australian Army needs to adopt Multi-Domain Operations as a doctrine for how we fight, but modify it for our unique operational problems and our...

By Mark Mankowski

Contemporary Operating Environment

Lessons learned from blue on blue for air defence capabilities

This article examines the causes of the loss of Tornado ZG710 on 23 March 2003 and gives some lessons learned to guide the introduction of the ADF's new air defence system.

By Nicholas Wells

Contemporary Operating Environment

Power Management and Silent Watch – Challenges and Opportunities for the Digitised Force

In this well researched article, Lachlan Window examines the power consumption issues facing the modern gunline.

By Lachlan Window

Contemporary Operating Environment

Building Bridges in the South West Pacific: Harnessing Army’s Part-Time Construction Engineers

The CO of the 5th Engineer Regiment, Renée Kidson is looking for any Tradies who are up for a challenge!

By Renée Kidson

Contemporary Operating Environment

Women, Peace and Security | The Small Wars Journal

This article from The Small Wars Journal is a must read for anyone interested in the importance of gender and warfare.

By The Cove

Contemporary Operating Environment

Paradigm shift: Understanding propaganda in the digital age | The Interpreter

Influence operations in the digital age are not merely propaganda with new tools. Now conducted across the whole of society, we are only at the beginning of a new era of population-centric...

By Zac Rogers, Emily Bienvenue & Maryanne Kelton

Image from The Interpreter

Future Operating Environment

SwarmNet – Heterogeneous Autonomous Multi-Domain Swarms for Network Resilience

Will the Army of the near future need to deal with swarming drones? Daniel Lee thinks we should be prepared for these types of threats.

By Daniel Lee

Contemporary Operating Environment

Moneyball and Small Wars

Have we been thinking about warfare the wrong way all along?

By Gareth Rice

Contemporary Operating Environment

Wi-Fi Over Water: Misplaced Priorities in the American Way of War

Should we be seeking out WiFi at the same time as establishing a reliable water supply? This article, via the Modern War Institute, argues that combat soldiers are not ready for the harsh realities...

By The Cove

Contemporary Operating Environment

The Tactical Application of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

How can social media contribute to the combat intelligence picture?