Contemporary Operating Environment

Contemporary Operating Environment

RACT Corps Conference | A Primer: Balancing Ready Now and Future Ready

The Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT) will hold a Corps Conference from 25 to 27 March 2020. This primer is aimed at all members of the Corps to inform and update them of upcoming changes....

By Royal Australian Corps of Transport | Head of Corps Cell

Contemporary Operating Environment

Knowing thy adversary: Why modern militaries should study the enemy’s culture

In today's long read, Anant Mishra looks at the value of knowing your enemy.

By Anant Mishra

Contemporary Operating Environment

Building Partner Capacity | Perspectives from Iraq

Dan Solomon challenged four of his Corporals to write a short reflection piece on Building Partner Capacity at the end of their tour on Task Group Taji IX. The results make for interesting reading...

By Task Group Taji

Contemporary Operating Environment

The Launch of the Forces Command Plan 2020-2028

MAJGEN Chris Field gives an overview on the outcome of his 100 day assessment of Forces Command. Contains links to the Forces Command Plan 2020-2028 (DPN and open source).

By Chris Field

Contemporary Operating Environment

Synchronising Lethal and Non-Lethal Effects in High Intensity Operations | Joint Warfighting Assessment 2019

This article highlights lessons learnt by the 3rd Brigade's Joint Fires and Effects Coordination Centre (based on 4th Regiment, RAA) whilst participating in the US-led Joint Warfighting Assessment...

By Paul Duncan

Contemporary Operating Environment

That others may live in peace: Death in an Afghan Valley

In the final post during this week of remembrance, Greg Colton provides a personal reflection on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

By Greg Colton

Contemporary Operating Environment

Fighting Hybrid Threats : Lessons Learned from DATE

Daniel Kirkham examines how the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) was used on Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 19 and how we can improve our training by understanding hybrid threats.

By Daniel Kirkham

Contemporary Operating Environment

Fighting with Fires – Talisman Sabre 2019

Considerations for the enhancement of Army's ability to dominate our terrain and enemy through joint effects in future conflicts.

By Jason Kirkham

Contemporary Operating Environment

Does the Australian Army need Multi-Domain Operations?

In this article, Mark Mankowski argues that the Australian Army needs to adopt Multi-Domain Operations as a doctrine for how we fight, but modify it for our unique operational problems and our...

By Mark Mankowski

Contemporary Operating Environment

Lessons learned from blue on blue for air defence capabilities

This article examines the causes of the loss of Tornado ZG710 on 23 March 2003 and gives some lessons learned to guide the introduction of the ADF's new air defence system.

By Nicholas Wells