CoveTalk Instructions

Thank you for participating in the upcoming CoveTalk.


Step 1: Equipment.  You will need some simple civilian IT equipment: a laptop or desktop computer with a good quality internet connection. If you are presenting to a large audience, you will also need a projector or screen and speakers. Unfortunately, the streaming platform is not available on the DPN due to circumstances beyond our control.

Step 2: Test your connection and audio-visual setup. (Optional - but there will be no tech support after the Test Stream)

We will run a Test Stream for 45 minutes on 10 November 2020 from 1900h AEDT, to allow both you and us to test equipment and connections. Please note this is the same link for the Test Stream and the Live Event:

  • Go to
    • You may see this screen (attached if not visible below), which means we have not started the live stream yet, just wait a minute and try to log in again using the password provided.

  • Once we are live and running, you will be asked for a password to access the media player. This was provided by 2 DIV for the COMD 2 DIV engagement activity.
    • This password will change for future CoveTalks 
    • Do not share this with others. Refer them to their Chain of Command who will be able to provide the password.  Please respect this requirement.
  • During the test stream you should see a test pattern and text animated on screen with music playing (image attached if not visible below). The Cove Team will also come on occasionally to test our cameras and microphones. 

  • If you’re having technical problems:
  1. refresh the page,
  2. close your web browser and try again,
  3. try another web browser (Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox).
  4. restart your computer,
  5. try another computer,
  6. call us on the mobile number provided on the registration email.

You will need to solve any technical issues during this time as technical support will not be available during the proper Live Stream.

Step 3: Tune in. On the day (remember to check your correct regional time zone), go to and enter the password provided in your registration email.

The live stream will start 5 mins prior to the CoveTalk start time. If you see an animated ‘CoveTalk will start shortly’ screen you are in the right place.

Step 4: Ask Questions. If you can think of any questions you would like to ask before the day, please send these through to soldiercove [at] (). This will allow the presenter time to prepare a full and complete answer. There will also be a mobile number provided on the day for viewers to ask live questions.

Step 5: After the event. A recording of the Live Stream will be provided on The Cove once it has been edited and cleared.

Remember the Ground Rules. CoveTalks are presented by Army, for the benefit of Defence. Please don’t share the links/passwords, have new participants register at Finally, remember the Cove Charter of Army’s values! The Cove encourages the contest of ideas, but they need to be aired with respect.