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Unit PME

Company Attack on Carentan Village

The Case Method Project is a tactical tool that helps commanders sharpen their tactical decision making by thinking through real-life and simulated examples. In this video from Band of Brothers, Easy Company attack Carentan Village in France. Watch the video and answer the questions.

By Tom McDermott


Eliot Cohen talks Strategic Deterrence

In this video, via the Modern War Institute, reknowned US strategist Eliot Cohen discusses strategic deterrence and the future of war.

By Tom McDermott


Books that Every Junior Officer (and NCO?) Should Read.

In this link via 'From the Green Notebook' Joe Byerly talks about LT GEN Paul Van Riper's reading list that every young officer (and probably NCO) should consider reading.

By Tom McDermott

War Room

Smart Soldier 46

Smart Soldier is the regular Australian Army publication on tactical lessons.

By Army Knowledge Centre