Future Operating Environment

Future Operating Environment

Army's Hybrid Threat (Part Two): Knowing Your Enemy

In this follow on article, Daniel Kirkham continues to inform us of the Hybrid Threat and how DATE is assisting us in training for it.

By Daniel Kirkham

Future Operating Environment

Australia's Amphibious Capability: Where to from here?

After spending some time at sea with the current amphibious capability, Zacharie Wright-Hansen has some thoughts on the way forward.

By Zacharie Wright-Hansen

Future Operating Environment

The Iron Man Suit is (probably) a Dead End

"I am Iron Man" - who doesn’t want to say that? In this article Gareth Rice looks at the history of 'advanced combat suits' and speculates about their future.

By Gareth Rice

Operational Art

The future ain’t what it used to be | The Interpreter

This week's link on the difficulties of future planning is from The Interpreter, the website of the Lowy Institute - an independent, non-partisan think-tank based in Sydney.

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

Battle 2029 - Combined Arms Manoeuvre in the Year 2029

Josh Higgins has provided another fantastic piece of military fiction in this PME package, this time in the form of a futuristic war-game. What will you do to defeat the enemy?

By Josh Higgins

Future Operating Environment

Understanding Offensive Support: An Airman Responds

In this post, Dougal Robertson provides an airman's response to Greg Colton's article 'Future Fires | A New Approach to Understanding Offensive Support'.

By Dougal Robertson

Future Operating Environment

Autopsy of a Future War | Modern War Institute

This excellent link from Modern War Institute explores how our own personal data can be used against us in future conflicts.

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

The Future of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the ADF

Unmanned Aerial Systems, or UAS, have almost become synonymous with ISR. However, Chris Baillie argues UAS platforms can provide so much more capability to the ADF, if only we fully exploit them.

By Chris Baillie

Future Operating Environment

Future Fires | A New Approach to Understanding Offensive Support

In this article, Greg Colton agues that viewing procurement through the cost of effect, rather than the cost of capability, not only leads to better value for money but forces the Army to examine how...

By Greg Colton

Future Operating Environment

Link | Strategic Army: Developing Trust in the Shifting Landscape

This article, from the Joint Force Quarterly, examines the changing operational environment and how trust is a targetable critical vulnerability within the cognitive battlespace.

By Emily Bienvenue and Zachary Rogers