Future Operating Environment

Future Operating Environment

Engineer Reconnaissance within a Mechanised Squadron in 2030

This article explores what Engineer Reconnaissance within a Mechanised Combat Engineer Squadron should look like in 2030.

By Jass Zarlenga

Future Operating Environment

War is Dead: 5 Areas for Investment & Modernization for Future Conflict

In this engaging article, J. David Thompson talks about the five areas he believes modern Armies need to focus on to be ready to win future conflicts.

By J. David Thompson

Future Operating Environment

The Integrated Digital Soldier System

This week’s long read is from Dan Skinner and follows up on his article on the Integrated Digital Platoon.

By Dan Skinner

Future Operating Environment

Meet “Carl”: Australia’s Future Soldier | Grounded Curiosity

What might the soldier of the future look like? Check out this excellent post via Grounded Curiosity.

By The Cove

Future Operating Environment

Winning future wars through developing the intellectual component of fighting power: The Australian Army’s approach to Professional Military Education

In this post the Director of The Cove, Greg Colton, writes on the Australian Army’s approach to Professional Military Education.

By Greg Colton

Future Operating Environment

Logistics of the Light Horse Regiment: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

Brad Roos puts up an argument for examining past campaigns to help shape future logistics support to modern armoured units.

By Brad Roos

Future Operating Environment

Chief of Army Response: 2030 Australian Army

The Chief of Army provides his response to the 100 word challenge set by Tom McDermott on what you think the Australian Army should look like in 2030.

By Rick Burr

Future Operating Environment

Enhancing Army’s Robotic and Autonomous System Strategy

In October 2018, the Army released its Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Strategy. While this is an important step forward, the pace of technological advances means the Army needs to explore and...

By Kieran Galea

Future Operating Environment

SwarmNet – Heterogeneous Autonomous Multi-Domain Swarms for Network Resilience

Will the Army of the near future need to deal with swarming drones? Daniel Lee thinks we should be prepared for these types of threats.

By Daniel Lee