Innovation and Adaptation

Innovation and Adaptation

Improving the sensor-shooter link for an Army in Motion

This article is in reply to Jason Kirkham's recent submission to The Cove on Fighting with Fires. Braden Holmes has provided a solution to expanding observation of fires training throughout the...

By Braden Holmes

Innovation and Adaptation

i-Can Help You

Samuel Duckett White and Lincoln Sudholz explore the realm of the possible when it comes to applying machine learning to areas such as the Military Justice System and Career Management.

By Samuel C. Duckett White

Innovation and Adaptation

More Than Just a Hashtag: The Criticality of Developing an Intellectual Edge

Originally posted on The Forge, Greg Colton, the Director of The Cove, defines the Intellectual Edge.

By Greg Colton

Innovation and Adaptation

A Changing Army Does Not Arrive

What is the role of the RSM in an Army in Motion? This article from Darren Murch argues that RSMs should focus on 'changing' rather than 'change' if the Army is to be Future Ready.

By Darren Murch OAM

Innovation and Adaptation

The Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps and Opportunities for the Australian Total Force

The recently published Army in Motion CA Guidance declares that the Australian Army needs to adapt to compete for and retain talent through changes in work organisation and demographics. This article...

By Mark Armstrong

Innovation and Adaptation

Future Ready

Melissa Tal sees a future where computers will be doing much of our thinking for us. However, she also believes that we will need to be more human in order to survive this brave new world.

By Melissa Tal

Innovation and Adaptation

Indirect Machine Gunnery for the Motorised Battalion

Chris Thorburn shares his ideas for improving indirect machine gunnery in the motorised battalion.

By Chris Thorburn

Future Operating Environment

Meet “Carl”: Australia’s Future Soldier | Grounded Curiosity

What might the soldier of the future look like? Check out this excellent post via Grounded Curiosity.

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Unpopular Ideas From Across the Ditch | Grounded Curiosity

Tim Jones, the former Deputy Director Defence Excellence (Innovation) New Zealand Defence Force, looks at the traps of chasing the continuous stream of new innovation in this two-part article from...

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Collective Training Transformation: the application of the Training Management Framework

Director Joint Land Collective Training provides an update on training transformation and outlines the changes contained within the Army Training Management Framework.

By Bede Galvin