Innovation and Adaptation


Training and Education Transformation at the School of Infantry

Director Professional Military Education answers the burning question "What's all this Spinifex stuff?" with an overview of how a new approach at the School of Infantry is driving training...

By Fiona Curtis

Innovation and Adaptation

Army Training System Transformation

The Australian Army needs a ‘Training Transformation’.

By Ben James

Innovation and Adaptation

The 2018 Lavarack Papers

The Lavarack Papers have historically been a table top book compiling the best essays and papers written by Officers and Warrant Officers from across the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regi

By Jess Ward

Innovation and Adaptation

Confessions of a Reformed Staff Cadet

In the time I spent at the Royal Military College (RMC) – Duntroon, I learnt a lot.

By Corey Andersen

Innovation and Adaptation

The Integrated Digital Platoon

Science fiction? Perhaps not. Check out how we might be able to fight.

By Dan Skinner

Innovation and Adaptation

Gamification - Press START to Begin (Part 2)

Work is what we have to do, play is what we choose to do. Nobody has to play a game, but you probably have to do to work.

By Callum Muntz