Innovation and Adaptation

Innovation and Adaptation

Seasoning with SALTT

The Missing Ingredient From the ADF’s Casualty Evacuation Plan?

By James Savage

Innovation and Adaptation

A Platoon Commander's Lessons

An example from Hamel 18 of a junior commander working in a combined arms team

By Gabriel Mead

Innovation and Adaptation

SALTT For Your Wounds?

A Future Possibility for ADF Casualty Evacuation in the Forward and Tactical Environments

By Ben Butson & David Cooksley

Innovation and Adaptation

Silent Logistics

Discusses current logistics practices in the Australian Defence Force

By Kathleen Marsh

Innovation and Adaptation

Insights on the Contemporary Character of War During the Final Destruction of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’s Physical Caliphate

The purpose of this article is to provide Army with insights on the contemporary character of war in the Middle East during the period from September 2017 – July 2018.

By Mark Mankowski

Innovation and Adaptation

Mass Casualty Considerations

Some considerations for a mass casualty situation in a motorised infantry construct

By Hayden Murphy

Innovation and Adaptation

It's in Objective!

How we compound our own existing IT shortcomings in Defence

By Tristan Frank

Innovation and Adaptation

Reflections on ‘Ready’

Lessons learned by a Combat Team Commander on a Combat Training Centre Warfighter Exercise

By Ash Zimmerlie

Innovation and Adaptation

Theatre Clearance Team

Lessons from Hamel 18 on the theatre level backload of personnel and vehicles

By Patrick Marshall