Leadership and Ethics

Leadership & Ethics

An Essay on the Operational Imperative of Messes

Nicholas Wells gives us a compelling argument on why the Messes are vital to operations.

By Nicholas Wells

Leadership & Ethics

One Hundred Hints for Company Officers

Duncan Foster has found a gem from our past that still holds true today.

By Duncan Foster

Leadership & Ethics

Leadership Quarterly Edition 1 | Centre for Australian Army Leadership

Check out the first edition of Leadership Quarterly from the Centre for Australian Army Leadership.

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership

Leadership & Ethics

Reflections on the Foibles of Chaplaincy

Are Chaplains relevant in the Army of today? In this post Army Chaplain Renton McRae uses his experience to give us some views on the role of the Chaplain in the modern Army.

By Renton McRae

Leadership & Ethics

Ethics Need a Foundation

'Value judgments are an essential and undeniable feature of human life.' Dan thinks we need to work harder to build our ethical foundation. What do you think?

By Chaplain Dan

Leadership & Ethics

Opportunistic Engagement with the Military Wives Group in Papua New Guinea

Australian Army nurse Tecla Makoni reports on her experiences engaging with the Military Wives Group at Igam Barracks, Papua New Guinea during Exercise Puk Puk 2019.

By Tecla Makoni

Tactical and Technical

Professional Development for Junior Combat Leaders

In this article, COL Dave McCammon suggests that rather than waiting to learn through your own experience, you can grow through reading and learning from other's experiences. He shares a number of...

By Dave McCammon

Leadership & Ethics

I’ve Made It Through The First Few Months As An OC – What Do I Do Now? Tips for Company Commanders

Talking from the viewpoint of a former Commanding Officer, Nathan Pierpoint has some advice for new sub-unit commanders.

By Nathan Pierpoint

Leadership & Ethics

Leadership lessons observed by a contemporary role model - General Peter Cosgrove AK, MC

"Good communication skills and empathy is essential for any leader who wishes to understand their subordinates." In today's long read, Matt Ryan examines the life of GEN Peter Cosgrove AK, MC to see...

By Matt Ryan