Military History

Military History

British Public Attitudes Towards the Second World War | RUSI

The Royal United Services Institute have posted this interesting article about the British public's attitudes toward the Second World War.

By The Cove

Reading for War

Book Review | Broken Nation: Australians in the Great War

Darren Cronshaw reviews Joan Beaumont's WWI history, Broken Nation, which he argues 'not only maps the tides of battle for Australia’s involvement overseas in the Great War but also offers page-...

By Darren Cronshaw

Military History

War Memorialisation in Australia: A Question Of Why?

On the red field of battle you are laid far away, Still our tribute of love to your memory we pay

By Anna Cowley

Military History

The value of doing your own research for Professional Military Education

We should be looking at our own past to help better ourselves today.

By Duncan Foster

Cove Talks

Military history and pre-emptive adaptation

July 2018's CoveTalk is with military historian Dr Spencer Jones.

By The Cove

Military History

Hamel: The Orchestrated Battle, 4 July 1918

This video from The Australian War Memorial discusses the significance of the battle of Hamel

By The Cove

Military History

Operation COMPASS

The author reviews Operation Compass and highlights its applicability to the modern Australian Army

By David Cave