NAIDOC Week 2019

NAIDOC Week 2019

The Cove is celebrating NAIDOC Week 2019 by showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ service and culture all week. We will be covering indigenous military history, current operations and exercises, community engagement, Cadets and a live CoveTalk with RSM NORFORCE. As posts are published the links will be available below:


A Nomad by Profession Meets the RealityKathleen Pisani

Photo Exhibition: Serving Country | Belinda Mason


Clean Slate without Prejudice | Peter Ross

AWM NAIDOC Week Activities | AWM


Cadets honour ANZACs at Cowboys Ceremony | Australian Army Cadets

Video: Understanding How to Understand: An Introduction to Working With Indigenous CulturesLTCOL Tim Rutherford & Ms Eileen Deemal-Hall


Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program (AACAP) 2018 – Yalata, South Australia | Holly Godwin

CoveTalk | RSM NORFORCE WO1 Ken Nelliman


Medals of the Month | Australian Army Museum of New South Wales

Video: Honouring Warrior Spirit | Joseph West


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