Operational Art

Operational Art

Revisiting the past for Future Ready capability: Counter fires and the RAA

This article looks back on the history of counter fires to suggest where the RAA needs to evolve for the future.

By Nicholas Mahr

Operational Art

An Entrenched Culture - Part One: What the Army could learn from the Emergency Services

This article posits that entrenched Army culture holds it back from being as effective as it could be in domestic operations, drawing on examples and lessons from Operation NSW FLOOD ASSIST 2021.

By Kathleen Pisani

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The Need to be Smarter on Domestic Operations

The ADF has been increasingly called on to support domestic operations, this article provides some detail and suggests ways that support could potentially be improved.

By Chris Linney

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Gaining advantage on the battle field: Building a credible deception

History has shown that deception can turn the tide of battle; however, it needs to be planned and fully supported.

By Beau Hodge

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Stranded Capability? The value of the Army Reserve Asset in 2020

Is the Army Reserve of today fit for purpose? In this article Mike Kalms looks at the value of the Army Reserve asset in 2020.

By Mike Kalms

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The future ain’t what it used to be | The Interpreter

This week's link on the difficulties of future planning is from The Interpreter, the website of the Lowy Institute - an independent, non-partisan think-tank based in Sydney.

By The Cove

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The Thinking Combat Brigade: A Dominant and Prestigious Force

In today's article, Callum Muntz asks what if the frames of reference we all possess - imposed on us from our similar training, experiences, and culture - could be hindering our ability to make the...

By Callum Muntz

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Time for a new approach to war? A case for adopting the Kill Chain concept.

Environmental, operational and conceptual considerations emerging from acceptance and analysis of accelerated warfare point to the need to shift to a targeting frame of reference from a manoeuvre one...

By Thomas Basan

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Kiwi PME: The New Zealand's Land Warfare Symposium

Ryan Kelly passes on some of the insights he recently received at the New Zealand Defence Force's Land Warfare Symposium.

By Ryan Kelly

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Our Joint Task Force: Ready for the future

This article discusses the evolution of the Joint Task Force on Exercise Talisman Sabre, which it examines through the lenses of Accelerated Warfare and the US Army’s Multi-Domain Operations...

By David Caligari