Planning and Liaison

Planning and Liaison

Operational Planning - UN Case Study Libya

A good example of intestinal fortitude to speak up when you believe something is not right. An interesting insight in to UN operations and an inspiring read to reinvigorate your moral courage.

By Leigh Crawford

Planning and Liaison

Optimised Teams - Taking Interagency Operations to the Next Level

The Australian Army conducted more joint and interagency operations with law enforcement and Other Government Agencies in Australia during 2020 than any other time in our history. This article...

By Brendan Gilbert

Planning and Liaison

Australia’s strategic partnership with PNG – Effective mentoring to promote regional security

The mentor doesn't always know best! The importance of time in fostering deep community connections with our PNG partners.

By Matthew Mandl

Planning and Liaison

Ways Matrix- Decisive Event Planning: Part 2

The mystery of creating Decisive Events revealed. A must read for all junior officers. This article is Part Two in the series explaining how to use the Ways Matrix.

By Callum Muntz

Planning and Liaison

Ways Matrix Decisive Event Planning: Part 1- Defeat Mechanisms

The mystery of creating Decisive Events revealed. This article explains Defeat Mechanisms in accessible terms as a precursor to Using the Ways Matrix. A must read two-part article for all junior...

By Callum Muntz

Planning and Liaison

The Practice of a Military Liaison Officer

Ben McLennan is the inaugural Australian Army liaison officer to the French Army, in this article Ben gives us some tips based on his experiences.

By Ben McLennan

Planning and Liaison

Preparing our Stockholding to be Ready in a Post COVID-19 World

Much of the Army's focus is on combat preparedness, but who is thinking about whether our stockholding strategy is adequate to meet our short notice deployment needs?

By Robert Gibson

Planning and Liaison

Interoperability – The Right Mindset drives Good Practice

In this article Pat Henriques looks at the three mainstays of interoperability when it comes to working with foreign Armies, information, personnel and systems.

By Pat Henriques

Planning and Liaison

Electronic Warfare – Threat from a Command Post Perspective

Are we ready to wage war in the Electro Magnetic Spectrum?

By Gavin Wilson

Staff Skills

A round peg for a round hole: a new approach to non-operational decision making

Why do we insist on using operational planning tools to support non-operational decisions? In this article, Greg Colton proposes a new approach to non-operational decision making: the Military Staff...

By Greg Colton