Reading for War

Reading for War

Australian Army Journal (Vol 18) - Cyber Warfare Edition

The special edition of the Australian Army Journal provides some insights into how the Australian Army might understand and deal with a new component of warfare in the virtual battlespace.

By The Cove

Reading for War

Defence Force School of Intelligence Reading List

A starting point to expand your existing knowledge on the disciplines taught at DFSI.

By The Cove

PME Resources

Smart Soldier 53

Celebrating 50 years of Army Aviation

By Army Knowledge Centre

Unit PME

'Quartered Safe Out Here: A Harrowing Tale of World War II' by George MacDonald Fraser

Want a good book to read, have a look at 'Quartered Safe Out Here: A Harrowing Tale of World War II'. This book review by Ben Gray will give you a good idea what it is like.

By Benjamin Gray

Reading for War

Electronic Warfare (Historical Learning) Reading List

Recommended reading that covers the historical use of SIGINT, and conduct of SIGINT operations.

By Mark Wilson

Reading for War

2018 Reading List from CO 1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment

This list targets soldiers; section, platoon and company command teams; and battalion principal staff officers.

By Ben McLennan

Reading for War

'Reviewing The Direction of War & Strategy: Context and Adaptation'

Check out this link to Chris Field's book review on The Strategy Bridge.

By Chris Field

Operational Art

'British Generals in Blair's War' and 'High Command'

Review Essay - A discussion of British Military Leadership in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars'

By Chris Field

Reading for War

'Anatomy of a Soldier' by Harry Parker

This novel is reviewed as a guide for soldiers, and their leaders and peers, who are going through a medical transition.

By Nick Alexander