Reading for War

Reading for War

RUSI Amphibious Operations Journal 2014

A journal on Ampbibious Operations published in 2014 by the NSW branch of the Royal United Services Institute.

By Tom McDermott

Unit PME

'Tribe' by Sebastian Junger

Check out this short video review of the book from WONCO-A.

By The Cove

Reading for War

'Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life' by James Kerr

Chris Field's review of this book highlights its utility for serviceman and women.

By Chris Field

Reading for War

'The Last Panther' by Wolfgang Faust

The Postern Book Club read this memoir and compiled this review.

By Nick Alexander

Reading for War

'Phantom Soldier: The Enemy’s Answer to U.S Firepower' by H. John Poole

A review of this book about how the east have tackled western methodologies in modern warfare.

By Beau Hodge

Reading for War

An Antidote to Symmetry: The Value of Reading Sci Fi

Professional reading shouldn't be limited to 'traditional' professional texts.

By Pinghan Chua

Reading for War

Forces Command Professional Reading List 2017

The Forces Command Professional Reading List 2017 contains a Foreword by Commander Forces Command, Major General

By The Cove