Reading for War

Reading for War

'The Turn of the Tide, 1939-1943' by Arthur Bryant

The book documents a study based on the diaries and autobiographical notes of Field Marshal The Viscount Alanbrooke KG, OM.

By Matt Brumley

Reading for War

RAAC Doctrine Reading Chart

RAAC doctrine is the professional body of knowledge for Australian armoured warfare. But how do you read it?

By Army Knowledge Centre

Reading for War

The Truth in Fiction: An Interview with Mike Bond

Link to a 'From the Green Notebook' interview with this author.

By Vicky Osborn

Unit PME

Reading Lists Available on the Defence Protected Network

More support from the Defence Library Service team.

By The Cove

Reading for War

CO 1 Military Police Battalion's Reading and Resource List

The Cove's library of role-specific reading and resource lists continues to build.

By Nathan Pierpoint


The Defence Digital Media Library

A link to more support from the Defence Library Service.

By Tom McDermott