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Break In

The Land Based Trauma System

On Ex TALISMAN SABRE 2019, the 1st Combat Service Support Battalion and elements of the 17th Brigade conducted a live walk-through talk-through of the Land Based Trauma System.

By Kane Wright

War Room

Link | Indo Pacific Terrorism , Special Operations, and the Coronavirus | Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

If you are interested in what is happening in our global back yard, you should be looking at the 'Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies' website. In this webinar recorded on 23 June 2020, he looks at Indo Pacific Terrorism, Special Operations and the Coronavirus.

By The Cove

Unit PME

Link | Lord Horatio Nelson and Mission Command | The Principles of War Podcast

Tune in for another informative podcast series from James Eling on his 'The Principles of War' Podcast channel. This one is about Mission Command and Lord Horatio Nelson.

By The Cove

Unit PME

3 HSB Covid-19 Webinars

CO 3HSB, LTCOL Anthony Chambers presents a series of webinars relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic. These presentations will be delivered by various medical specialists, both military and civilian, addressing the management of COVID-19 from the perspectives of intensive care, emergency departments, anaesthetic management, nursing management, hospital administration management and current testing practices.

By Anthony Chambers