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SNCO Leadership Day | UK Centre for Army Leadership

On 24 Sep 2020, the UK's Centre for Army Leadership launched their inaugural SNCO Leadership Day. Amongst a suite of distinguished officers, SGT Ben Katz's spoke to SNCO leadership from an Australian Army perspective.

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UK Centre for Army Leadership

Unit PME

CDF Engagement with 3 Brigade

The Cove is proud to present the recording of the live streamed engagement event between Chief of the Defence Force, GEN Angus Campbell AO, DSC and members of the 3rd Combat Brigade.

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Link | Promoting Disobedient Thinkers in your Organisation | KEA

In this link from Knowledge Enabled Army (K.E.A.), Dr Welby Ings talks about disobedient thinkers.

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Knowledge Enabled Army

War Room

Link | Battlefield singularity, AI pixie dust, and the future of war | National Security Podcast

On this National Security Podcast, Elsa Kania joins Katherine Mansted to talk about strategic competition in the age of artificial intelligence, the modernisation of China's People's Liberation Army, and the future of war in an increasingly technologically-enabled battlespace.

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