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Link | Promoting Disobedient Thinkers in your Organisation | KEA

In this link from Knowledge Enabled Army (K.E.A.), Dr Welby Ings talks about disobedient thinkers.

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Knowledge Enabled Army

War Room

Link | Battlefield singularity, AI pixie dust, and the future of war | National Security Podcast

On this National Security Podcast, Elsa Kania joins Katherine Mansted to talk about strategic competition in the age of artificial intelligence, the modernisation of China's People's Liberation Army, and the future of war in an increasingly technologically-enabled battlespace.

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Friends and Partners

National Security Podcast

The National Security College is a joint initiative of the Commonwealth Government and The Australian National University. The NSC presents a podcast series looking at Australian and the region's security challenges.

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Unit PME

3 HSB Covid-19 Webinars

CO 3HSB, LTCOL Anthony Chambers presents a series of webinars relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic. These presentations will be delivered by various medical specialists, both military and civilian, addressing the management of COVID-19 from the perspectives of intensive care, emergency departments, anaesthetic management, nursing management, hospital administration management and current testing practices.

By Anthony Chambers