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2019 Army Leadership Seminar | Part 4

The Cove was proud to support the inaugural Army Leadership Seminar which was held over 31 Jul - 01 Aug 19.

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership

Unit PME

FORCOMD Commanders' PME Activity 2020-2021 | 16 Aviation Brigade

In line with the Forces Command Reading List 2020-21 Directive, the 16th Aviation Brigade conducted some PME and produced a series of videos about the book, ‘Redefining the Modern Military – The Intersection of Profession and Ethics’.

By 16th Aviation Brigade

Unit PME

ASLO PME activity - Reading for War

CO ASLO set a PME task for his soldiers and officers to read a book and provide a review in 5 mins. This article features the video presentations by the staff.

By The Cove


Writing Competition: Making the CSST 'Manoeuvre', in order to survive and generate operational tempo

CSSTs have long operated with CSSB tactics. They are slow and cumbersome and therefore moving a CSS node requires significant time investment. Robert Gibson has some other ideas.

By Robert Gibson