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Unit PME

Long Tan Mission Analysis | The Principles of War Podcast

In 1965, 1 RAR sent a 3 man advanced party to plan their deployment. LTGEN Wilton was already working on the contingency planning for escalation to a full Task Force. This Podcast discusses what the benefits of a Task Force are over a single Battalion commitment.

By The Cove

Break In

Chief of Army CoveTalk | Army's Contribution to Defence Strategy - 17 Oct 19

The Chief of Army's CoveTalk held on 17 Oct 19, talking on Army's Contribution to the Defence Strategy.

By The Cove

Unit PME

PNG and the Kokoda Campaign – Defeating the Japanese

In August 2019, Headquarters Forces Command hosted a PME session at the Victoria Barracks Sergeants Mess on the WWII Kokoda Campaign. This video provides a fascinating insight into the fighting in what is now Papua New Guinea.

By The Cove


2019 Army Leadership Seminar | Part 6

The Cove was proud to support the inaugural Army Leadership Seminar which was held over 31 Jul - 01 Aug 19.

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership