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Staff Functions

Untapped Opportunities? Global Health Engagement in the Australian Defence Force

This article discusses the possibility of exporting the ADF's health services to allied nations for the purpose of increasing relations and skills retention.

By Tony Chen

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A New Approach to Honours and Awards in the ADF

A brief primer on the question of whether the Honours and Rewards scheme should have a cap.

By Kristian Zemaitis

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Reigniting Career Motivation: A Junior Officer’s reflection on how the Total Workforce System can increase retention.

This article describes the benefits and process of attaining part-time service in the Army, especially as an alternative to discharge.

By Jake Rudge

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Tactical CBRN Intelligence Analysis – A Specialised Discipline

This article serves as an in-depth introduction to the discipline of Tactical CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Intelligence Analysis.

By PTE S., CAPT C., and CPL J

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Subordinates Should Get a Vote

This piece discusses and suggests Army use the multi-rater system, or 360-degree assessment, for performance ratings.

By Wendy Say

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Not Want: Fixing Army's Broken Reporting Model

You'll find here a number of criticisms of and suggestions for improving Army's current performance reporting model.

By Michael W. Filmer

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What the Fox Definitely Didn't Say - Avoiding Big Data Falsehoods

The example of an archaeological dig site is used to explain the necessity of multi-disciplinary analysis instead of purely relying on big data analytics.

By Chris Lake

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Risk Versus Reward – Understanding why we take risk and how to assess its value

MAJ Jack Goener makes the case that Army needs to better address the role of reward in risk vs reward analysis.

By Jack Goener

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The Person with the Spreadsheet

This article discusses how an approach to training that focuses on 'spreadsheet-able' metrics can lead to an ineffective force.

By Sam Baumgarten

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The Regimental Sergeant Major in Planning

This article lays out one way in which a Regimental Sergeant Major may contribute effectively in aiding their commander during the planning process by utilising the advantages of their role.

By Brad Doyle